Shreya Ghoshal to sing in Melbourne This August

Item from The Indian Sun, 22 July 2018, where the title runs Shreya brings her scores to the shores Down Under”

The beautiful and rich voice of Shreya Ghoshal will be heard on Australian shores this August when the singers, one of the most famous in Bollywood, performs live. Often referred to as an “energetic powerhouse” on stage, Sheya’s off-stage persona is very different from what you see on stage. “Sometimes it is good to be ignorant of yourself,” laughs the singer.

The quiet and shy singer (off stage of course) was born into a Bengali Hindu family and lived in the small town of Rawalbhata near Kota in Rajasthan. The 34-year-old says her parents—dad Bishwajeet and mom Sarmishtha Ghosal—have been the force behind her musical journey. Her mom was her first teacher in music while her electric engineer dad made her an electric tanpura so she could practice.

When Shreya turned six, she started her lessons in Hindustani classical music. She was trained in Hindustani classical music by Rakesh Sharma of Kota, and Shri Jayawardhan Bhatnagar, the music teacher of her school, who introduced her to the world of Hindi film songs.

Winning the popular singing competition Sa Re Ga Ma changed her life, says Shreya, and her family was later convinced by famous music director late Kalyanji to move to Mumbai, where he trained her in playback singing for 18 months. After that, it has just been a whirlwind of songs and awards as she holds audiences spellbound with her hits ranging from classical to popular like ‘Piu Bina’, ‘Barso re’ and groovers like ‘Oola la’ and ‘Chikni Chameli’. She has worked with most music directors and is known to sing beautifully in multiple Indian languages.

And Australia gets to see her repertoire live on 5 August 2018 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.



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  1. Shreya Ghoshal have always been my inspiration. One can learn not only singing but so many things from her.
    If you wish to know some more about her do check my post:

  2. Shreya Ghosal is my all-time inspiration. Singing is not the thing you can learn, her life journey has changed my perspective towards my life., more you know more it motivates you.

  3. Shreya Ghosal is my all-time motivation. After knowing her life experiences, I have changed my perspective towards my life., more you know more it motivates you.

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