A Catering Kitchen in Mannar: Mothers 4 Mothers

An Appeal for Donations from BRIDGING LANKA

Dear Michael, … As we edge nearer to Mothers’ Day, we are trying to raise funds for a project which is close to our hearts — the building of a catering kitchen and cafe for our widows to enable their financial survival: https://chuffed.org/project/mothers-4-mothers

This project focuses on vulnerable women who’d been affected by the war Many are widows, some were deserted, some are disabled and some have been victims of rape and assault, many have children to care for.  They are a bunch of survivors, admirable people, wonderful cooks and carers. 
However making a living is difficult, and they are often exploited. Over the past three years we’ve worked with these women to build their skills for cooking for large groups, nutrition, hygiene, customer service and English.  The plan is for them to be able to run their own successful catering businesses.  Our pilot micro businesses has meant they are cooking for villagers already, but they have really limited conditions, in makeshift buildings which aren’t sealed, subject to flooding, mosquitoes and without reliable or hygienic cooking and food storage facilities.

We’re hoping that our Mothers’ Day Crowd Funding campaign will help to build this catering facility and through it the means to look after the many members of struggling female headed households.   All the building plans are in place and we are ready to go. Here is the link to the campaign.  https://chuffed.org/project/mothers-4-mothers

If you can, please support us. Also please forward this request to any family or friends who may be interested in supporting this.

Thanks in advance.  JEREMY

Team Members

Deborah Males

Jeremy Linanage

Lindy Drew- Tsang

Nic Tan

Saya Lorback


A NOTE: i have been to Mannar twice and worked on my researches while interacting with Jeremy, Bridging Lanka projects and the Mannar cricketing people associated with Jeremy. I endorse this project whol heartedly. Do support. Michael Roberts


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