Michael Roberts in Conversation in London, 8 March 2018

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Distinguished academic Dr Michael Roberts was in England recently and talked about his experiences and work including his online life as creator of the Thuppahi Blog (https://thuppahi.wordpress.com) …. This Q and A takes 60 minutes.

Pic by Eranga Jayawardena

Michael Roberts is a historian by training and has taught at the Department of History at Peradeniya University (1961-76) and the Department of Anthropology at Adelaide University (1977-2003). His major works are in agrarian history, social mobility, nationalism and ethnic conflict. Based on his interest in the Tamil liberation struggle and the sacrificial devotion mustered by the LTTE, he has written extensively on suicide missions. Michael Roberts has also edited several volumes on Sri Lanka entitled Collective Identities. In 2004, he retired as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Adelaide University, but continues to write articles.

The Interview was initiated by AMAL ABEYAWARDENE of London …. and his PODCAST initiative in introducing Steven Kemper’s work on Anagarika Dharmapala can also be  found in Thuppahi as well as his own site .. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/new-books-in-buddhist-studies/id458210899?mt=2&i=1000345817559

Michael at Noarlunga south of Adelaide, a seaside setting he prefers  …. while emphasizing a cogent point he made during his recollections  by presenting images of his wife Shona from way back in Peradeniya days between 1966 and 1975 when she supported his research in many ways: for e. g. by typing up the Roberts Oral History transcripts and  typing drafts of some of his articles.

Shona at abhayagiri 1969Shona at Abhayagiri Vihara in A’pura in 1969 … and walking with Kim at New Peradeniya station … early 1970s

At New Peradeniya Railway Station

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