Restoring the Hymen or Re-virginising

Re-virginising: From an Australian clinic’s advertisement offering hymen repair surgery, or hymenoplasty

Many women approach us to have their hymen re-instated for social, cultural and religious reasons. Many women’s hymens may have inadvertently broken through strenuous sporting and vigorous activity. We have been performing this simple procedure for many years.

The Wonder Down Under: A user’s guide to the vagina by Ellen Stokken Dahl and Nina Brochmann.

How does a hymen repair/restoration procedure work?

The aim of this procedure is to make the patient appear virginal. This is a procedure requiring precise incisions in order to bring the hymeneal ring membranes into close approximation. These are finely sutured to hold the tissue in place.

During subsequent sexual intercourse the hymen is torn which usually results in bleeding.

What should you expect after hymen repair/restoration surgery?

You will be able to resume normal light activities by the next day (after surgery), however, we recommend you take five to 10 days off work and avoid sexual intercourse until 30 to 45 days after treatment.

How much does it cost?

As every patient we see has different requirements, it is difficult to provide standardised pricing as each procedure is tailored for each individual patient’s situation. A no-obligation consultation with one of our surgeons is essential in determining what you require.

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  1. FACEBOOK MEMO from HAROLD GUNATILLLAKE of SYDNEY = Greek girls gets it done. Muslim girls in Sri Lanka gets it done. I have done many. Hymen is a very thin membrane occupying the lower half of the vulva-entrance to the vagina. If a large organ is pushed, yes it can tear. So we put a few dissolving stitches to reconstruct the original. Healing is by scar tissue- so don’t expect a drop of blood on the bed-sheet on the honeymoon night- The in-Laws would be most disappointed. To prick the finger and stain the bed-sheet is advised. Vaginal reconstruction to the older women who have had many children, is a different operation we do. If any lady is interested, I can advise. “I had always thought that vaginas, with their flaps and folds, looked somehow unfinished.”
    ― David Burr Gerrard, Short Century: A Novel🤣

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