Wedding Bells in Galle Fort

The Galle Fort is apparently seen as an ideal foil for young couples who have tied the knot or are about to do so ….

 January 2018


….. AND July 2017 ….


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5 responses to “Wedding Bells in Galle Fort

  1. Is it a bit like bridal couples here using the cloisters or Mitchell Building or Bonython Hall at Adelaide Uni as photographic backrops?

    • YES Bernard …. perhaps because the setting evokes GRANDEUR and ANTIQUITY?
      NOW, have you visited the Fort after watching Australia play Sri Lanka at the grounds in front of the Fort? You should have been there in 2016 when Lanka beat the Aussies in 3 and one half days!

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  4. Yassus De Silva

    Definitely, I watched that Test and visited the Fort for lunch at The Rampart where the manager happened to be a former Ricmondite who recognized me and gave us a guided tour of the place where the infamous ever so slow murder of Mrs Kularatne was perpetrated.And that was the lucky day that I first met and was warmly greeted by one of the great acedemic sportsmen of my time, also from Galle and sadly not managed to meet him again so far. He is M R but does not wear the kurakkan Sataka!
    Yassus De Silva of UK but currently stuck in Colombo

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