Hussain Miya’s Archival Donation to Brunei

Bacha Husmiya aka HussainMiyam of Peradeniya and Sri Lanka

Yesterday in a small ceremony at the UBD main library organized by the chancellory and in the presence of some Deans and press officials graced by the Asst. V.C. (Academic) Dr Ayub, I handed over my entire collections of Historical primary source documents to be preserved by UBD Bruneiana collections for the use of all scholars.

These were copies made of critical source material of official correspondence, memoranda papers, minutes, reports, newspaper cuttings etc,. etc., during my several visits from 1992-1997 to the British, American, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, , India, and Indonesia Archives as part of the Brunei History Centre team. With this handing over I feel I have done my duty to UBD where I served more than 28 years which supported me to write several books and research publications on the modern history of Brunei. I again thank UBD for the wonderful opportunity given to me to contribute to growing Brunei historiography.

In the pictures are UBD, Asst V.C., Chief Librarian and acquisition officer. I’ll send any newspaper reports later.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Hussain Miyam (as we knew him at Peradeniya University) is of Malay lineage and became a Lecturer in the Dept of History after completing his Honours Course and was one of my colleagues in the 1970s. He moved to Malaysia and thence to Brunei and continued his deep engagement with historical work in General and the Malay people of Asia in particular. The philanthropic act related here is in keeping with his devotion to scholarship.

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A PROFILE by Imran T Casseer ….

The book “THE MALAYS OF THE CEYLON RIFLE REGIMENT (1800-1873)” is now online in internet for all of you… this book was written by famous writer and a great role model to Malay’s Mr. Bachamiya Hussainmiyam. He has done so many to our community which most of the new generations doesn’t know. this is a special note to share his excellence service.

Profile of, Dr. Bachamiya A Hussainmiyam
Historian/ Lecturer
University of Brunei Darussalam.

in a beautiful day of 11th December we got a great writer and a historian to this world as a baby.  as for his niece and colleagues he is an active youth and a talented guy. he loves to learn new things and never miss the studies.
he starts his school life in Zahira College and then high education followed in Maradana Central College. because he is well talented youth, he was selected to University of Peradeniya.

Dr. Hussainmiya married to Mrs. Manel Zahra Hussainmiya in the year 1972. and then with her support and more power he joins Monash University and graduated in 1978.Everyone loved him and his talent. so eventually he become a special person to all his students. with all the blessing from Allah and his family he starts his career in University of Brunei Darussalam and gradually gain the Associate Professor at University.

Summarized life events of Dr. Bacha Husmiya

1960: Graduated from Zahira College and Maradana Central College
1964: Graduated from University of Peradeniya
1972: Married Mrs. Manel Zahra
1978: Graduated from Monash University
1988: Start working in Uni. Brunei Darussalam as Associated Professor

he has done lot to our malay community. never forgot him and his undying support. so I like to share the link of “The Malays of the Ceylon Rifle Regiment (1800-1873)”…/The_Malays_of_the_Ceylon_Rifle_Re…go to the link and download the book. read at learn our history.

May Allah bless him and his family

by: Imran T Casseer





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