Wilfrid Jayasuriya and Sri Lankan Literature

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Sri Lankan Literature = Fiction, literary and historical studies, contemporary interactions. by Wilfrid Jayasuriya
Time Traveller
Sri Lanka’s Modern English Literature. A case Study in Literary Theory
The Libyan Episode
Christine’s Story (A Novel)
The British Diarie

Wilfred Jayasuriya Teaches at the American National College, an extension campus of a consortium of American, Australian and British Universities, located in Colombo 3, Sri Lanka. 
He was educated at the University of Ceylon, Oxford and Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, where he obtained his PhD in English Literature. 
He has written several books of Sri Lanka over the years and the Latest is Time Traveller, which is a work of Fiction. It is as the title indicates placed in History The overall resonance connects the times in Sri Lanka with those in America
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