Bill Leak etches no more…. Appreciations galore

Bill Leak, the editorial cartoonist for THE AUSTRALIAN, passed away at the age of 61 from a heart attack. The VALE iin appreciation in that newspaper extends to several pages. But perhaps the best epitaph was from the cartoonist Paul Broelman in the Geelong Advertiser–showing a memorial in stone of a hand with the index finger extended as “Up Yours!!”


Greg Sheridan: “Bill Leak, 1856-2017”, The Weekend Australian 11/12 March 2017 

Matthew Westwood: “Prophet in his own land,” The Weekend Australian 11/12 March 2017 

Hedley Thomas: “nobody was spared by this unabashed warrior of the pen,” The Weekend Australian 11/12 March 2017 

Trent Dalton: “fearless and funny….Leak drew us out of our comfort zone,’ The Weekend Australian 11/12 March 2017 

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