US Presidential Election: A Revealing Memo from An Ordinary American who did not vote

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I have been witnessing a lot of posts on Facebook about the US Election that are outrageous in their content. I have heard more times than I can count in the last 24 hours that everyone who voted Republican are racists, sexists, bigots, white supremacists, halfwits and hateful, plus a mountain of other insulting phrases. This is not only wrong, but extremely offensive to the 60 million people including 25 million women who voted against the establishment elitists. 
If you honestly cannot understand what happened here, and you truly believe that people who voted Republican and racists devil worshipers, then I suggest you read something beyond facebook news feeds. If you could not see this coming, then maybe it is time to get out, turn off your iphone and stop believing those “highly educated” pollsters. What happened here has very little to do with stupidity, race or sexism. It was just a populist movement against the establishment elitists, corporate greed, banking elite, government bureaucracy, globalism and the corruption of politics through vast amounts of corporate money and lobbyists, 


This was a vote (cry out) for change and to end the status quo. This was a pure “anti-establishment” vote. Trump just happened to be holding the “Republican Flag”. It is interesting to note that Trump was very recently a Democrat, just like Gary Johnson was a two term Republican Governor.  I am sure there are some racists in the group of people who voted for Trump, but to label all 60 million people with this brush is absurd and extremely offence. It is also offensive to the large number of Latinos, Asians and Blacks that voted for him as he could never have won without their votes. 
How can people look past the failings of the Democratic Party? People cried out and expected change when Obama was elected, especially after the Banking crisis. Hillary Clinton was possibly the only candidate that could have lost this election against Trump. The Democratic Party showed who they really were when they ousted Bernie who would have won this election in a land slide. How can it be that the US does not have universal health care and Obama Care is one big failure, even Bill Clinton suggested it was a disaster? How can 50 million people be on food stamps but at the same time, the deficit blows out by 8 Trillion?

It is truly a sad moment in time. Sad because both parties could not produce better candidates and the people had to choose between Dumb and Dumber. Obviously, I do not vote, I am not a Democrat or Republican. I do not believe in such a thing. I personally prefer policy over party politics. It has yet to be seen if this anti establishment, populist movement will prove to be a disaster or a success. Trump is the first President elect that does not have previous ties to politics. That was one of the main reasons that he won this election. However, instead of saying nasty, hateful and derogatory things, maybe it is time to cross your fingers and hope for the best. 

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