Magical Vignettes on the Sri Lankan Unknowns from an Intrepid Adventurer

Stefan d’Silva’s Isle of Mystique- Isle of Legend – Glimpsing Eclipsed Sri Lanka is an apt title for a publication that illustrates, in vivid colour images and informative text, the wonder of Sri Lanka. The book explores places far from the routine travel agenda of most people. Mysterious rock paintings only recently discovered, cave inscriptions, rock art, old British military fortifications, remote lifestyles of nautical communities, the lost wealth of the Mannar Pearl Banks, the theft of the last Sinhala King’s crown and legends of lost races – and more, are all a part of this 247 page publication with revealing historical facts.

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The complex and rich history of this resplendent isle we call home is showcased in a manner that has never been showcased before. There is a ‘guarantee’ that the readers would not have been to some places and it is almost certain that the reader may not have even heard of some places!  Such is the scope of illustrations and text in this magnificent book.

The author has travelled extensively to ‘corners’ of Sri Lanka to record, illustrate and document the pulse and heartbeat of this complex exotic land. Over a period of 3-4 years many kilometres of travel and thousands of photos were taken to best give a wider audience a glimpse of eclipsed Sri Lanka.

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The Book will be launched on 29th July

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