Jagath Senaratne’s History of the SL Armoured Corps enters the book world


The 60th Anniversary of the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps (SLAC) was on the 15th of December 2015. The Sri Lanka Armoured Corps, 60 Years of History, 1955-2015 was published to record this milestone in the continuing saga of the Corps. This Book is now available for purchase by the general public.

The Book is 345 pages in length, has dozens of rare maps of military operations and numerous photographs never published before. Five Chapters are devoted entirely to the discussion of some military operations in which the armoured forces were involved in from 1955 to 2015. This book is a Regimental History. This book does not – and cannot – deal with the complete military history of all Armoured Corps military operations. Nor is this book a military history of all military operations conducted by the Sri Lanka Army. Due to the need to cover a wide range of topics which deal with the life of the Regiment as a whole, a selection had to be made. The Author of the book is Dr. Jagath P Senaratne who is a researcher on post-1948 Military History of Sri Lanka and other research subjects.

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The Book consists of a Foreword by the Colonel Commandant of the SLAC and 20 Chapters:

Chapter.1: Introduction;

Chapter.2: The Early Beginnings of the Armoured Corps, 1955 to 1971;

Chapter.3: History of the Armoured Brigade;

Chapter.4: History of the SLAC Regimental Centre;

Chapter.5: Brief Histories SLAC Regiments;

Chapter.6: “The Cutting Edge of the Sabres”;

Chapter.7: CAC/SLAC Participation in Internal Security and Anti-Illicit Immigration Operations, 1955-1983;

Chapter.8: Military Operations in which the SLAC Participated, July 1983-July 1987;

Chapter.9: Military Operations in which the SLAC Participated, June 1990 – Jan.1995;

Chapter.10: Military Operations in which the SLAC participated, April 1995 – Feb.2002;

Chapter.11: SLAC Operations within the Overall Military Campaign from May 2006  to May 2009;

Chapter.12: Post Conflict Activities of the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps;

Chapter.13: Roll of Honour of the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps (SLAC);

Chapter.14: Gallantry Awards and Distinguished Service Medals of the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps;

Chapter.15: Armoured Corps’ Participation in United Nations Peace Support Operations;

Chapter.16: Armoured Corps Training Centre (ACTC)

Chapter.17: Senior Officers of the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps;

Chapter.18: Armoured Corps’ Achievements in the field of Sports;

Chapter.19: Welfare measures for the SLAC;

Chapter.20: List of the Names of All Officers and Other Ranks 1955 to 2015. (Attached as a CD to the back cover of the Book). It also includes a Bibliography and an Index.

ISBN: 978-955-1357-01-0

Available at: M.D.Gunasena Bookshop, Vijitha Yapa Bookshop, Sarasavi Bookshop and Directly from the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps: Commandant, Regimental Centre 0766907329; Commander, Armoured Brigade 0766907113; SLAC HQ 0112522963.  

july 1991 operation Map of Balavegaya Operation July 1991

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