Once in a Blue Moon over Byron Bay in Australia

On the 31st of July, this beautiful time-lapse rise of the Full Blue Moon was captured 2 ½ miles away from Cape Byron Lighthouse, on Belongil Beach, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia. The head land and lighthouse at Byron Bay is the most easterly point of the Australian Mainland and therefor is the first place in Australia to watch the full moon rise. This video is made up of 1038 frames and slowed down to as close to real time as possible. The photographer has been working on perfecting this type of time lapse for over a year now after seeing the work of his favorite photographer Mark Gee. 

Don’t forget to breathe watching this majestic time-lapse; everything about it is just perfect, and it’s a photography clinic for anyone interested in taking time-lapse. See this stunning moonrise and appreciate just how beautiful God’s work can be. 

 Probably The Most Beautiful Moonrise Time-Lapse You’ll Ever See

 * Photography by Luke Taylor of the Australian Surf Life Association

* Music was created by the talented, Award Winning Pianist – JESSICA ROEMISCHER. You can listen to more of her wonderful music at:pianobeautiful.com and download the soundtrack here: 

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