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NEW CEYLON WRITING is a literary magazine that was started in 1970 to provide an outlet for new creative and critical writing/ thinking.  During its 15-year existence (1970-1985), NCW published  some of the best and most significant creative and  critical writing in English to appear in post-Independence Sri Lanka…

images Yasmine Gooneratne

Seeking sponsorship from  no university, literary group or other institution, the  journal was maintained by the interest of those who read it and contributed to it. Donations were not solicited, but they came anyway, and some came in unconventional forms. The quixotic spirit of the  enterprise seems to have captured the imagination of many people who did not  usually involve themselves in literary matters.

In 2016,  NEW CEYLON WRITING begins a new series. As before, the magazine expects to publish poetry, fiction, reviews and essays, as well as commentary on recent significant literary and cultural developments.

What’s ‘new’ about the ‘new’ series?

You will now be able to read the magazine  online. It will welcome and include contributions of art works as well as printed material. An editorial board of six published and practising  writers will replace the one, or sometimes two,  editors of the past.

Devika Brendon      Lakshmi de Silva

Yasmine Gooneratne  Shirani Rajapakse

Faith Ratnayake   Vasika Udurawane

In all other respects it will remain what it was from the start: a scrupulously non-political, non-profitmaking journal dedicated to the creative work of Sri Lanka’s writers in English that aims to practise and promote the highest artistic and ethical standards of literary expression. Contributions to the first issue, which is tentatively planned for publication in November, are now invited. Submission Deadline: 31 May 2016.

All  rights   for  material   appearing  in  NEW  CEYLON  WRITING are  strictly reserved to the authors.

General Guidelines:

NEW  CEYLON  WRITING  only accepts original previously unpublished work.”Previously unpublished”  means that  it should not have appeared in print or online. Print form includes in a chapbook, newspaper, magazine etc  and online includes personal blogs, websites, online literary magazines or on Facebook.

Please submit in ONLY one genre.

Prose   (Includes stories and reviews) Please submit either one prose piece  up to 2500 words, or two pieces of short fiction maximum of 1000 words per story.

Poetry   Please submit up to 3 poems. Each poem should have a maximum line count of 50 lines (excluding the title and stanza breaks).

Artwork  Please submit up to 3 pieces in jpeg format.

Submissions should typed and should be in Times New Roman 12 pt. Prose submissions should be double spaced while poetry should be single spaced.  Please use a header with the title of your story/poem,  include page numbers, and attach a short bio (80 words max).

We ask for first publishing rights  (world rights) for both print and online as well as right to republish the work in an anthology or any other format later and the right to archive it.

Copyright remains with the author at all times. Authors are free to re-submit their work after a period of 12 months from the date of publication in  NEW  CEYLON  WRITING.  Please  acknowledge NCW as the first publisher.

 Both email and postal submissions are welcome. Please include a cover letter with the following details: The title of your submission, genre, word count (for prose)  line count (for poetry) and  your full contact details (Name, postal address, email address, telephone number) along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope for postal submissions. Please mail your submissions to Emeritus Professor Yasmine Gooneratne, Ceytra House, 2  Inner Bagatelle Road, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka. Emailed submissions should be submitted to the Editorial Desk at

In the subject line of the email please mention the genre in which you are submitting and add your last name. It should be “genre_last name” for example Prose_Perera   or  Poetry_Perera





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