Sanga. A Parochial Assessment Profound

Adieu! Adieu! How Sanga smashed my Thomian Prejudices! … by Shanaka Amarasinghe, courtesy of The Cricket Monthly where the title reads “Liberation Song”

KUMAR on song Pic by Gerald Copley for Getty Images

While many marriages end up with love turning to hate, there are some relationships that go the other way. The heroes of these stories rarely know whether they are loved or hated, but their journeys nevertheless invoke strong emotions.

Kumar Sangakkara evoked strong emotions in whatever he did. For many he was the symbol of a nation – a Horatio, bravely guarding the bridge to mediocrity. For many outside Sri Lanka he was a model batsman, a freakish record-breaker and an accented ambassador. But for me he was more real than that. He was the symbol of a generation. My generation. My loathsome, underachieving, fearful, suppressed generation. … GO TO

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