Author Michael Roberts …………..2009 ….. ISBN 9789556650358 …. Publisher = Vijitha Yapa Publications, 450 pages…. Size 210x145x22mm Weight 800 g…...Our Price Rs. 1,800.00…….. Analytical essays on issues of collective identity, the cultural roots and ideology of nationalism, as well as a detailed study of the projects of Anagarika Dharmapala ….. Over 35 photographs

LTTE cadre with cyanide capsule Tigers in camp with their kuppi–Pic by Shyam Tekwani

                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS

PART I: Landscapes of Debate, Encounter, Review

  1. Language and national identity: the Sinhalese and others over the centuries
  2. Saivite symbolism, sacrifice and Tamil Tiger rites
  3. Nomadic intellectuals: Asian stars in Atlanticland

PART II: Sri Lanka: Analytical Accounts from the 1990s

  1.  Marakkala Kolahālaya: Mentalities directing the pogrom of 1915 Nationalism: the past and the present: the case of Sri Lanka                         .                                                                                                                  
  2. Beyond Anderson: reconstructing and deconstructing Sinhala Nationalist Discourse
  3. Filial devotion in Tamil culture and the Tiger cult of martyrdom
  4. For Humanity. For the Sinhalese. Dharmapala as bosat crusader
  5. Nationalisms today and yesterday
  6. Himself and Project. A serial autobiography. Our Journey with a Sinhala  zealot, Anagarika Dharmapala    
  7. Ethnicity after Edward Said: Post-Orientalist failures in comprehending the Kandyan period of Lankan history
  8. The collective consciousness of the Sinhalese during the Kandyan era: Manichean demonisation, associational logic

7-Bodies that fight on Bodies that fight on — cenotaph for the Tiger maaveerar who died in the battle for Kilinochchi–Pic by Ravi Vaitheespara taken in 2004



  1. Anagārika Dharmapāla
  2. Piyadāsa Sirisena & W. A. de Silva
  3. Middle Class Gentleman at the Orient Club, 1907
  4. Mass Agitation: The Temperance Movement
  5. Banda at Spinning Wheel
  6. D. S. Senanayake addresses Crowd from Podium


  1. Bandaranaike’s Pūjā
  2. Homage to the Buddha: Leftist Leaders offer Thanks at the Daladā Māligāva, ‘70
  3. A “Holy Trinity”


  1. Colvin R. de Silva in Action
  2. Walking among the People
  3. Wijeweera in Demagogic Mode


  1. Bandaranaike and Chelvanayakam All Smiles after BC Pact, 1957
  2. Bhikkhu berates Bandaranaike, 1957

14b. Bhikkhus and Vimala Wijewardena protest outside Rosmead Place

  1. Assaults on Tamils, 1958
  2. Buddhist Monk views Portrait of Bandaranaike
  3. Wijeweera’s Press Conference
  4. Checkpoint at Height of JVP Insurrection, 1971
  5. JVP Rally, Town Hall in Colombo, 7 November1977
  6. Mob at Borella Junction, 24/25 July 1983
  7. Protest against Ambassador Dixit and India, June 1987
  8. Rajiv Gandhi, Jayewardene and Others All Smiles, July 1987


  1. Tamils En Masse at Sudumalai Ammān Kōvil await Pirapāharan’s Peroration, 4 August 1987

24a. Tiger Fighters with Cyanide Vials or Kuppi, late 1980s

24b. Young Tiger Lad with a Pottu in Holy Ash heads for Battlefield, 1980s

  1. Female Māvīrar surrounded by Tropes of Abundance at VVT Shed, November
  2. Palatial Settings for Māvīrar, Tirunelvely, November 2004
  3. Kittu Up, Kittu Down
  4. Pongu Thamil Float with Pirapāharan & Pot, Geneva, 2003
  5. Fifty Pots for Pirapāharan, 26 November 2004
  6. Pirapāharan’s Homage to Miller & Black Tigers, 5 July 2005
  7. Tiger Demonstrator invades Cricket Pitch, West Indies, 2007

31b LTTE supporters in Toronto, October 2008

  1. Women and Men marshalled for Struggle in the Northern Vanni, 2007

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