Unsung Heroes and Heroines: Bavinck, Rajasinghams and Hoole

Of Tamils and Tigers: a journey through Sri Lanka’s war years

TAMIKL AND TIGERS oNE   of tamil and tigers II BAVINCK = RAJASINGHAM Ben Bavinck & Rajasingham Pater

Author Ben Bavinck
ISBN 9789556651393
Pages 344
Size 140mm X 225mm
Weight 600
Our Price US$ 15.60

of tamil and tigers IIOf Tamils And Tigers : Part II

Author Ben Bavinck
ISBN 9789556652451
Publisher Vijitha Yapa Publications 2014
Pages 410
Size 140mm X 210mm
Weight 650
Our Price US$ 15.60

A Dutch Teacher in Jaffna Recounts his experiences from 1994 – 2004


Palmyra Fallen : From Rajani to War’s End

Author Rajan Hoole
ISBN 9789589447054
Publisher University Teachers for Human Rights (Jaffna)
Pages 506
Size 140mm X 210mm
Weight 800
Our Price US$ 12.00

Dr. Rajani Thiranagama was killed on 21st September 1989 after three years of intense activity in Jaffna. During this time she played a leading role in the University Teachers for Human Rights, Jaffna – UTHR(J) – and co-authored The Broken Palmyra. In Palmyra Fallen, Ranjan Hoole – a fellow member of the UTHR(J) and the author of Arrogance of Power – deals with the painful experience of ordinary people, and the initiatives Rajani and her colleagues undertook to give hope to a benumbed, betrayed and bruised community in period beset by terror and counter-terror. The Introduction identifies the country’s plunge into communalism, violence and war with the Citizenship Act of 1948. Other key concerns of the book are how the Tamil community lost its way into caste and sectarianism, the country’s road to impunity, the political and economic costs of colonisation and the searing final months of the war, concluded in 2009

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NOTE : Vijitha Yapa Publications =  www.vijithayapa.com


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Ben B with bike Bavinck with his trusty bike 42 With Tiger boys at Kalmunai Point Pooneryn Bavinck with Tiger boys at Point Pooneryn

RAJANI R IN B AND W Rajani Thiranagama nee Rajasingham

34 Boarding the ship in a cage Bavinck & priests boarding ICRC ship in a crane

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