Channel 4 and Jonathan Miller on “This Septic Isle” as he reports Sirisena’s Meeting with Cameron

See “Sri Lanka and Sirisena: is the country really changing?” …  Channel 4 News – YouTube anchored by Jonathan Miller …..

” A black car convoy swept into Downing Street at 3.15 sharp. On board a new face …. ”

MS and DC Pic from

MS- meets DC 22  Pic from

For Jonathan Miller, see

jonathan-miller-11 -… and for his earlier visit to Sri Lanka and aggressive style see  Last Night Channel 4 Coverage On Sri Lanka CHOGM | Colombo Telegraph

www.colombotelegraph.com500 × 342Search by image……..Mahinda Rajapaksa tells Channel 4 News he is “not concerned” by allegations of war crimes but Jonathan Miller says people in Sri Lanka could be at risk after speaking to the programme. Miller and MR-www.colombotelegraph.com500 × 342



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2 responses to “Channel 4 and Jonathan Miller on “This Septic Isle” as he reports Sirisena’s Meeting with Cameron

  1. sach

    i am angry that both the previous government and present gover does not have a spokesperson and a FM who can properly answer this mother f***** the way he should be.

  2. nuwan

    Not the Only Liar for CH4.

    Channel 4’s Cathy Newman Apologises After CCTV Footage Emerges Of Mosque Incident

    Channel 4 presenter Cathy Newman has apologised after CCTV footage obtained by The Huffington Post UK appeared to contradict her claim that she was “ushered out of the door” of a London mosque on the weekend.

    The South London Islamic Centre, where Newman claims she was turned away despite turning up wearing a headscarf, says surveillance video shows the reporter arriving at the mosque, being directed by a male congregant, but leaving alone through the courtyard.

    Newman sparked a social media firestorm after tweeting she was “ushered onto the street” during ‘Visit My Mosque Day’ which the mosque said provoked threatening voicemails which it has reported to police.

    see full story here

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