Project BEAP: Dr. Young and Strathmore Rotary forge a Major ‘Runway’ of Medical Relief in Lanka

Dr. David A. Young an orthopaedic surgeon in Melbourne is a household name among Sri Lankan cricketers because of the repair work he has done on so many of their players, both well-known and lesser known. He has joined the Strathmore Rotary Foundation and its engine room men Nihal de Run and Arjuna Samarakoon in venturing on a major corporate project in association with the Government of Sri Lanka. Centered upon a mega work in establishing an emergency teaching hospital at Batticaloa which will have outreach linkages with Karapitiya, Amparai and Jaffna hospitals, an agreement was signed in 2012 by the then Minister of Health, Maithripala Sirisena; while the President of the time, Mahinda Rajapaksa, supported the project.

Young and De Run with MS  Hon Maithripala Sirisena shakes hands to express his support for the Proposal. In the picture are Dr David Young, Nihal de Run and Indrajith Fernando, Deputy Chairman of the management Committee in Colombo.              

angelo mahela kumar AT FUNDRAISER Angelo, Kumar and Mahela fly in as supporting icons

They also secured eminent flagship personnel as Patrons in Australia, no less than the former Governor of Victoria, David de Krester, and Dr. Ranjith Hettiarachi. Needless to say some of our leading cricketers gave their blessings by attending the launch of building work; while SL Telecom is among their sponsors and such entrepreneurs as Malik Samarawickrema are providing a helping hand on the basis of personal friendship.

Needless to say Sirisena’s ascent to the august position of President should be of material benefit towards the success of this enterprise. That the venture will materially benefit the people of the island and regions less well-endowed than Colombo District goes without saying.

While donations towards this path of welfare are welcome, note that the scale of help desired is substantial and and ofa corporate character. SEE and

YOUNG and DE RUN at Former Health Secretary Dr Ravindra Ruberu meets the BEAP team of Dr David Young (President), Nihal de Run (Co-ordinator) Ranjan de Silva & Dr V Swarnakumar.

STRATHMORE ROTARY Rotary Club of Strathmore



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