Brigitte Gabriel’s Devastating Criticism of Simple-Minded Political Correctness

Brigitte-Gabriel-665x385SEE her response to the Question from law student Saba Ahmad at ,,,

….. a question which replicated the simplistic, seemingly deep but quite obtuse and totally impractical point-of-view that was ALSO embodied in the question from Ursula — another law student — selected by TONY JONES of Q and A on Australian Broadcasting Channel’s popular Monday night show yesterday 27th October. This question was taken seriously by Geoffrey Robertson, HR Lawyer, and given a a partial nod of  approval.

Brigitte Gabriel also took it seriously … and then tore it to shreds.

Brigitte Gabriel (a.k.a. Nour Saman, born October 21, 1964), is an American journalist, author, social commentator, and activist [who was born in Lebanon].

NOTE the initial blog comments — alas “Anonymous”


  1. Anonymous19/6/14 20:57

    She should run against Hilary

  2. She’d shred her to pieces

  3. Anonymous28/6/14 04:54

    Yes, She can beat ANY AMERICAN in race to Presidentship of USA

  4. Anonymous28/6/14 05:57

    She would get my vote that’s for sure.

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    Brigitte Gabriel Gives Explanation Why The Peaceful Majority In Muslim Population Are Irrelevant, Receives Standing Ovation

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One response to “Brigitte Gabriel’s Devastating Criticism of Simple-Minded Political Correctness

  1. padraigcolman

    Please note this comment, Michael:” I see many here don’t know who she is. She is a Fox news contributor. She is on quite often. If you don’t watch Fox News, you can’t know what’s going on. She has been on her own “jihad” for years now pointing out even moderate Muslims that murder their wives and daughters, cut their genitalia, and follow Sharia Law, even here in America. She decided awhile back that being American was more important than some hyphenated cast, racial, religious position, loud mouth, we see on the other channels. She has just dedicated her life, (yes, she is under constant death threats) to pointing out the same truths our Forefathers ensconced in the Founding papers. That is why she will probably never get passed a member of a think tank and into public office. For whatever reason, anyone that actually believes what our country was founded on doesn’t have a chance. Ted Cruz being one of the most “in your face” examples. We most likely will elect someone that espouses one of the failed ideologies she mentioned, like Hillary and Alinsky -Cloward and Pivin.”

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