Exotic Birds flying across the world … on the ‘wings’ of internet addicts

………. long live the chain mailers … and Felix Ng

Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock Guianan Cock-of-the-RockKing of Saxony Bird-of-Paradise++ King of Saxony Bird-of-ParadiseLong-Tailed Widowbird Long tailed WidowbirdSplendid Astrapia++  Splendid AstrapiaWilson's Bird-of-Paradise++Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise

Curl-Crested Aracari Curl-Crested AracariInca Tern  Inca Tern KEAKea

Kea  Livingstone's Turaco Livingstone’s Turaco Malayan Banded PittaMalayan Banded Pitta

Purple Gallinule Purple GallinuePurple-Crowned Fairywren Purple-Crowned FairywrenRed-Necked Tanager Red-Necked Tanager

Splendid Fairywren Splendid FairywrenTwelve-Wired Bird-of-Paradise Twelve-Wired Bird-of-ParadiseLilac-Breasted Roller Lilac-Breasted RollerResplendent Quetzal Resplendent QuetzalRoyal Flycatcher Royal Flycatcher


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3 responses to “Exotic Birds flying across the world … on the ‘wings’ of internet addicts

  1. as above

    Living in Calgary where birds are so plain compared with Sri Lanka and my home country Australia the group of little characters is a joy Thank you for e sending Luke in Melbourne

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