Torture of ex-Asylum-Seekers in Lanka: SBS, Corlett and Sooka train their gunsights on Sri Lanka

Dateline: ‘Turned back to torture’ …. by David Corlett & Kristina Kukolja, 30 September 2014

CORLETT on Dateline --Torture in SL

Source: World News Radio,  30 Sep 2014 – 1:24 PM  UPDATED 30 Sep 2014 – 5:14 PM …

Serious claims of abduction and abuse at the hands of Sri Lankan authorities are emerging from asylum seekers returned from Australia. The allegations will be explored in a special investigation by Dr David Corlett, to be aired on SBS’ Dateline program. Then, in a live cross, the claims will be put to the Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Australia.

Dr Corlett, the presenter of SBS’ Go Back To Where You Came From series, is speaking to Kristina Kukolja about his undercover report. …..  Click on the audio tab above to hear the full report).

A Note: This video report and commentary has to be taken seriously … and addressed together with the Sooka Report and that of the International Crimes Evidence Project presented as “Island of Impunity?” by the Public Interest Advocacy Centre in Sydney. With Island of Impunity? one has prima facie indications of bias and dishonesty as soon as one glances at the footnote citations (given the absence of a bibliography). There has been no attempt to study the literature on the war and the cross-examination of the UN Panel ‘s Report (one that also involved Yasmin Sooka) produced by the Marga think tank or the exhaustive study called The Numbers Game by IDAG…. and a whole range of other articles in the public realm including mine (where some can now be accessed via Tamil Person and State (Colombo, Vijitha Yapa Publications, 2014, ISBN  978-955-665-230-7 and ISBN 978-955-665-231-4).

There is no evidence that SBS and Corlett undertook homework in examining previous documentaries on the topic of returnees and/or asylum-seekers or such stories as that of David Anthony or quick-visit-work by Australian reporters such as Ben Doherty.

david anthony David Anthony in Lanka

anthony Sujith -SMH-Ben doherty returnee from article by Ben Doherty

While a fuller bibliography up to mid-2012 can be found in my “A Flourishing Bibliographical Tree: Tamil Migration, Asylum-Seekers and Australia” (see an abbreviated one is provided below. However, this preliminary notification of the SBS documentary is m presented here in order to promote comment and self-reflection — especially within Sri Lanka.

a-seekers-Daily Tel Aussie border control search asylum-seekers


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