Ceylon Olympic Squad 1948 — A Rare Picture

With thanks to Keith Bennett and Victor Melder


Left to right: Edward Gray, Albert Perera, Duncan White, John De Saram, Mr. Perera (Team manager), George Peiris, Leslie Handunge and Alex Obeysekere

Ceylon Olympic Team at the Olympic camp in Richmond Park, London ~ 13th June 1948

With thanks to Asoka Kuruppu = Link to a video of Duncan White of Ceylon winning Gold at the 1950 Empire Games. in Auckland, New Zealand…..   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iHJI0eoq9A

ALSO SEE Duncan White winning the 440 Hurdles at Empire Games in 1950 http://thuppahis.com/2014/10/29/duncan-white-wins-440-hurdles-in-record-time-at-empire-games-1950/



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  2. FACEBOOK COMMENTS–October 2017
    Francis Nimal Fernando The second from right is Mr.Handunge who was the Gymnasium and sports director when we were Pera.
    Like · Reply · 20 October at 11:34

    Alan Panambalana
    Alan Panambalana Duncan White was the best athlete that Ceylon produced. He was also a gracious man. I knew him as a coach. Bless him!
    Like · Reply · 2 · 20 October at 12:41

    Ranjan Rodrigo
    Ranjan Rodrigo George peiris is G D Peiris from Prince of wales college moatuwa.He took part in hop step and jump and was disqualified in all 3 attempts.

  3. Richard

    I only knew (not Personally though) of Eddie Grey, Albert Perera & Obeysekera because of my following of Boxing. These Gentle men were very widely respected Stalwarts in their sport and were very widely respected. Sadly as always, due to Politicians they were reluctantly compelled to seek greener pastures and SL lost their talents.foe ever.

  4. George A. Pillai

    In the 60’s, Albert Perera, Leslie Handunge, Alex Obeysekera and K Edwin trained the Boxing team in St. Thomas’ College Gurutalawa. They also officiated as Judges in Boxing events. Boxer Dissanayake also helped
    Duncan White trained Ignatius David in both High Jump and Long Jump in the Training College in Maharagama in 1951 and 52

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