Gamini Samarasinghe’s Gentle Warning to the YES Voters in Scotland


An OPEN LETTER to the Scottish National Party from a Non-Political Scientist

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am an energy scientist having in some ways more information about coming developments which are not directly available in Europe, regarding the state of the world’s future energy supplies. Let me in all humility and responsibility tell you that predictions by your scientists and professors regarding the value of Scotland’s off shore oil supplies may not hold true, once these coming developments (which I cannot reveal due to patent restrictions) will be shown to the world very soon.


I am completely non-political and have no interest in any Scottish politics, although I am a citizen of the European Union. I am only interested in the common future of our children and grandchildren, and in seeing the world’s people working together to overcome difficulties which I regard as the greatest asset we have in order to have a better world.

My father studied medicine in Scotland in the 1930’s, and that can be said as my only connection to Scotland. I have however been a tourist and have visited your beautiful Scotland many times.

The reason for this letter is this: if the SNP’s main contention for an independent Scotland is based on the purely commercial use of Scotland’s oil and gas resources for the benefit of the Scottish people only, then this may be a misplaced and irrelevant policy in the future, as I believe on very strong grounds that the revenues will not be as expected, and that in future oil and gas will play a significantly smaller role in the world’s total energy supply.

This is all I have to say, and I say it with respect and humility to Scotland and to all of the world’s people who will be benefitting greatly from the expected future technology developments in the energy sector.

Any further discussion on this subject will not be possible for me; just have a little patience and you will see what I contend will be shown to the world very soon.


gamini samarasinghe


14th August 2014


ADDENDUM: Gamini is a Sri Lankan who has lived in Sweden for years, but also has a house in Colombo. Mark the date of his gentle note. We know NOW that the Scottish people rejected the desires of Salmond and his party down. we will have to wait till mid-October to se whether the reasons for Gamini’s warning to Scotland see the light of day. Michael Roberts

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  1. madhawaranga

    Interested in the subject.
    Met Mr. Samarasinghe today and had a awesome discussion. Specially on the above stated subject.

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