LTTE war video recovered by the Government — revealing episodes

SEE the video clip reproduced within

TIGER AUXILIARIES 11 This clip was uploaded on Rupavahini (state television) on 4th May 2009 as one element in its own propaganda. Their blurb runs : ‘This captured LTTE combat video (above) from May 2009 shows all three Screenshots  taken from the video clearly show the various types of civilians at s defensive line.”


That goal notwithstanding, the  action scenes (with the Tamil commentary running alongside) can hardly be deemed concoctions. The video probably dates from much earlier in Eelam War IV and clearly served as a motivational clip. Some of the still images reproduced here (above) should be set alongside the images for the makkal paadai (peoples militia) training undertaken by the LTTE from circa 2006 –images circulated in the Tamil circuits. In its turn the item on in the Carthaginian solution (author unknown) is of the utmost importance … SEE “KIA:WIA Ratios – Conjuring With The Dead And Ignoring The Wounded”….. and for some looney tunes see the blog comments in

62b- makkal padai 63ab-training civilians 63b-miltitia with guns 63-makkal padai 64-armed militia

62- makkal padai


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