Muttiah Muralitharan’s Message to Sri Lankans: “forget and forgive and move on”


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MURALI DM 11 Sri Lankan cricketing legend Muttiah Muralitharan said today that Channel 4 had lost its credibility in his eyes due to airing an edited clip of an interview which distorted the context he spoke in. In summary we can say that Murali was caustic about the ethical integrity of Channel Four because they did not tell him that a 45 minute interview would be culled down to three minutes in ways which distorted the position he postulated and the information he conveyed. In implicit extension one could say that his argument was that outsiders like David Cameron should take a rounded view of the recent past and not be beguiled by one-sided representations mixed with lies and exaggeration. The further implication was that vengeance and retribution masquerading as justice would get Sri Lankans and Sri Lanka nowhere.

The Daily Mirror interview must necessarily supersede Murali’s brief appearance on Channel Four. It is worth study and reflection in its own right — in part because it is from a man whose family properties in Kundasale were subject to attack during the moments of terror that enveloped many Tamil people in the Kandy locality during the mini-pogrom of August 1977; and in part because Murali considers himself to be “a Tamil and a Sri Lankan as well.”  While the Daily Mirror is to be congratulated on this session [but not for its etching of Murali], it would have done well to tell readers out of the loop that (1) that Murali worked like a man possessed to deliver aid in Thamililam territories in 2005 after the tsunami of 26 December 2004 and (2) has supported and joined Kushil Gunasekera’s Foundation of Goodness  in sponsoring sports activities in the north and building up reconciliation through cricket matches and cricketing material…. and a whole range of empowering activities (see their note below…. .but also follow links to their web site … OR have a chat with Ian Botham and/or Sarah Botham).

North   Empowerment Project

The ending of the civil war in May 2009 has provided many new opportunities in northern Sri Lanka.  Having achieved such wonderful success in the southern village of Seenigama after the tsunami, the Foundation of Goodness is now seeking to replicate the model in this previously troubled part of the country.

Known as the North Empowerment Project, the project will consist of a Learning & Empowerment Institute as well as New School for both primary and secondary education.  The project will provide facilities and services to meet the needs of rural communities and help bridge the gap between these areas and the rest of the country.  Serving approximately 50,000 beneficiaries a year, the project will cater to the healthcare, educational, business development, sports and empowerment needs of the local population through programmes of community development, inter-cultural activities and skills exchange.

To donate to this project:

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North Development Project - Journey So Far

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4 responses to “Muttiah Muralitharan’s Message to Sri Lankans: “forget and forgive and move on”

  1. Admin

    Murali’s comment has to be contextualized in a situation where Murali has much to gain as a entrepreneur and businessman with well set sights. How he trivializes and over-rides the politics of the Northern displacement and the history of the Northern people is very tragic. Murali cannot be a delegate for the feelings of the Northern Tamil. Nor can his “family property” being damaged in 77 be compared to or taken along the same lines as the destruction undergone by the North and East over the past 3 decades.

    Murali’s sporting days are over. But, not so his commercial acumen.

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