Today’s Middle Eastern Politics in a Nutshell

Supporters of the Muslim BrotherhoodA Letter from an Arab “Sir,

* Iran is backing Assad. Gulf states are against Assad!

* Assad is against Muslim Brotherhood.

* Muslim Brotherhood and Obama are against General Sisi [commander of the Egyptian armed forces].

* But Gulf states are pro-Sisi! …Which means they are against Muslim Brotherhood!

* Iran is pro-Hamas, but Hamas is backing Muslim Brotherhood!

* Obama is backing Muslim Brotherhood, yet Hamas is against the US! * Gulf states are pro-US.

*But Turkey is with Gulf state against Assad; yet Turkey is pro-Muslim Brotherhood against General Sisi.

* And General Sisi is being backed by the Gulf states!

Welcome to the Middle East and have a nice day.” Supporters Of Ousted President And Opponents Continue To Wage Street BattlesExtraneous comment: Glad that’s all sorted. Who knew so many exclamation marks were needed to explain Middle East politics? ……..

Editors Note: I cannot vouch for the authenticity of this summary or indicate where it first appeared in the world circuit. But it is too pithy to omit from consideration. >

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  1. NAK

    confused over Obama against Sisi! How can Obama be against Sisi, when Obama didn’t even call the military coup as such!

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