Sri Lankans without Borders pursue Reconciliation — in Toronto

An Invitation to Selected Personnel

Sri Lankans Without Borders (SLWB) is please to invite you to attend Reconciliation I’Mpossible? A Grassroots Perspective for an opportunity to learn about the growing, youth-led social movement in Sri Lanka to bring about meaningful reconciliation and to discuss how the Diaspora too can play a positive role in this. With the end of the decades long civil war, there still exists painful memories of Sri Lankas past as well as concerns about its future. Not only did the war bring about suffering, mass displacement, and fear in the country, it also polarized the communities in Sri Lanka as well as overseas. With all that has happened, there are mixed feelings revolving around the possibility of reconciliation. This event hopes to bring out these perspectives so that these conversations could start taking place amongst the communities. It will also provide an opportunity to hear about the grassroot work being done in Sri Lanka from organizations such as Sri Lanka Unites.
Guest speakers, Prashan De Visser and Christin Rajah of Sri Lanka Unites, will  discuss their experiences growing up in Sri Lanka and how they came together to form this inspiring social movement for meaningful reconciliation being led by youth in Sri Lanka.  For Canadians interested in learning more about what steps are being taken, at a grassroots level by individuals and organizations, to address the grievances and concerns of all Sri Lankans in the aftermath of the bloody civil conflict.
Sri Lankans Without Borders is a growing not-for-profit network based in Toronto, Canada that provides young Canadians of Sri Lankan origin with opportunities to connect, build and lead initiatives that promote dialogue, reconciliation and peace in the diaspora community in Canada and for all communities in Sri Lanka.
Our mandate is to facilitate candid dialogue and conversation amongst diaspora communities who trace their origins to Sri Lanka.  We acknowledge the difference in opinions and experiences that exist and it is our hope to create safe spaces in which dialogue can occur and from which we can learn from one another. We also welcome the insight and experiences of other communities whose unique experiences may help us reflect on our own.
Reconciliation I’Mpossible? A Grassroots Perspective
Saturday March 31, 2012 at 1:00pm
Ryerson University, Room RCC204
Toronto, ON M5B 2K3
You can RSVP your attendance by March 27, 2012 by emailing Your presence at this event will be much appreciated. For more information, please visit

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