Tamil Tiger flag and verbal hot air from several quarters at SCG and beyond

Item in http://www.eelampress.com/2012/02/50119/  under this title: ” Youth’s opinion on raising the LTTE flag at the Sydney Cricket Grounds”

The cricket match between Australia and Sri Lanka was played in Sydney. Here we wanted to publicize that we are Tamils from Tamil Ealam, and with courage and endurance, we will fight anywhere, hence we are raising our Tamil ealam national flag. Several web sites have published that the Police have seized our flag. It did not happen that way inSydney. I raised our national flag among several thousands of Sinhalese. Those Sinhalese who noticed the flag informed the Police.

The Police who arrived at the site said to me that if I had to watch the cricket match, then I have to give them the flag or talk to them. I narrated about genocide and destruction of our people. The Police praised us. The Police personel stated that, however, by raising the flag among several thousands of Sinhalese, you may create problems.

I stated that we did not come here to create problems, but to propagate our struggle, which we did. I told the police that we are not prepared to handover our flag to anyone, but we will come on our own.

Sri Lanka army has been carrying out Tamil ethnic cleansing for the last 60 years. Sri Lanka is cheating the world that there is no problem for the Tamils in SriLanka. SriLanka is pointing out that in cricket, Tamils and Sinhalese are the same. However, I am not a Sri Lankan, but a Thamizhan.

Sri Lanka has carried out ethnic cleansing of several hundreds of thousands of Tamils. We will never ever give our support to Sri Lanka. Although we are unable to raise our national flag in Thamil Ealam, we will raise the flag wherever Tamil Diaspora live. One day our Tamil Ealam national flag will be raised in the United Nations anyway.

I want to emphasize to all Tamil youths: Whatever, plot or opposition Sri Lanka raises, we should not hesitate to propagate that we are Tamils and raise our national flag.

Below is a sentence Tamils always utter to indoctrinate other Tamils: “ Raise your head, stay firm, and say that you are a Tamizhan”

 “The enemy of your enemy is one’s friend” Is IT NOT? Web editor


A Letter of Protest from the Sri Lankan High Commission sent to DFAT, dated 20 February 2012

No. 14/2012

The High Commission of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka presents its compliments to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and with reference to the visit of the Sri Lankan National Cricket Team to Australia has the honour to bring to the attention of the esteemed Department an incident that occurred on the 17th of February at the Sydney Cricket Grounds during the match between Australia and Sri Lanka for which I too was a witness from a distance.

It has been reported that supporters of the LTTE brandishing LTTE flags had been hurling abuse in Tamil at the cricketers who were close to the boundary line. Some information received including photographs are attached of the LTTE supporters who were at the grounds on that day. A translation of the article which appeared on the pro-LTTE website is also annexed. Several community members complained that there had been arguments between those persons carrying the LTTE flag and the Sri Lankan supporters in the stands which may have erupted in a brawl.

Ground and security authorities were witness to this terrorist front organisation members making use of an international sporting event to claim for a separate state inSri Lankawhilst raising communal tensions.

As theSri Lankateam is expected to play in several other venues inAustralia, the High Commission requests that necessary steps be taken to inform relevant authorities to prevent the use of the LTTE flag and other insignia at those venues as there are possibilities for clashes between these persons and the Sri Lankan Community members during the matches.

The High Commission of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka avails itself of the opportunity to renew to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade the assurances of its highest consideration.


ALSO SEE “Cricket as Protest Arena: Tamil Incursions” in Michael Roberts, Incursions and Excursions in and around Sri Lankan Cricket, Colombo, 2011 ,distributed by Vijitha Yapa Publications at www.vijithayapa.com


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2 responses to “Tamil Tiger flag and verbal hot air from several quarters at SCG and beyond


    I wish I knew who the “Tamizhan” author of the above propoganda was so I could attack him personally for his lies. I never heard of this new name before – my own is “TANIMAL”. The Tanimals here in the Toronto diaspora are quite mad – bug eyed and frothing at the mouth – and physical about defending their terrorist actions and perpetrating their futile aim to establish an independent nation of Eelam. The only such zealous maniacs are among the foreign diaspoora Tamils – not in Sri Lanka where they are prospering. Sad to say we in the West are buying into Tamil propoganda such that we accept phony Tamil refugee claimants from a country at peace! Not to mention politicians pandering to their large voting blocks.
    As to cricket itself – a national sport in Sri Lanka – Tamils should be prevented from owning cricket bats…a gang of them beat a Sri Lankan to death using their bats about a year ago – no one was ever arrested.
    All Western Nations should stand guard against Tamils and inform themselves as to the true atrocities committed by the LTTE and the serious attempts by the Sri Lankan Government to reconcile and move forward on behalf of ALL its citizens – as demonstrated with several new hotel building projects in Jafna and the East coast where Tamils are benefitting.
    The West has a lot of explaining and apologizing to do – starting with the ill-informed Hilary Clinton for branding Sri Lanka as war criminals!
    I’m a white Canadian with no ethnic axe to grind and a seeker of truth and justice. I know the truth and history about Sri Lanka and the British complicity in the root causes of the civil war and all that followed through 1956 and 1978 to the present. I despise the LTTE and their descendents.
    I honour the SLA for their decisive victory over the Tamil Tigers.

    Friend of Sri Lanka

  2. Dr.Chula Rajapakse MNZM

    Never in the history of human conflict have so many been mislead and deceived by so few as the Tamil tiger Diaspora have done with much of he western world , regarding the realities and truth about the happenings in Sri Lanka.

    Doubters of this should follow this u tube link to see and hear for themselves what the Tamil citizens against whom human rights violations were committed by the Sri Lankan forces at the end of the war, have to say about these allegations.

    Much is being made about the british tourist was killed some months ago. Whilst not condoning this in any way, it must be pointed out that the tourists involved were no “Mother Theresa’s” & it takes two to Tango. One off cimes like this happens in most countries , even in New Zealand where I now live,

    The Tiger Diaspora as expected have been quick to punce on this and orchestrate it to the maximum to bring maximum discredit to SL and pressure on it to cave into their Elam goal.

    It has to be categorically denied that the Tamils were ever or are discriminated. They were the privileged minority of the divide and rule Briitish colonial policy, when the Sinhalese were the discriminated and deprived majority. Any attempt to redress these deprivation which the to the inevitable loss of Tamil privileges were seen by some tamils as discrimination. Orchestration of these perceptions led to the militancy seeking an elam where they would once again be the privileged

    Now the government is doing it’s utmost to create reconciliation between the Sinhalese & Tamils and reconstruction of the ravages of the war.. The Tiger Diaspora still entertaining their romantic notions of elam is continuing their misinformation to thwart these efforts as success in reconciliation and reconstruction would spell the ultimate end to their Elam deam.

    Hence , they are using their ill gotten booty of Billions from distortion , extortion drug trafficking and now credit card frauds, to secure powerful political and media allies, most successfully in UK and Canada , tbe their standard bearers beating the drum at a hectic pace now, hoping to secure a body blow on Sri lanka at the sessions of the UN Human Rights Watch in March.

    Western politicians especially from Westminister should visit Sri Lanka and see for them selves what has been achieved after the end of the war in May 2009, before they permit themselves to be used by the Tiger Diaspora destroy all these achievements.

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