The Covid Phenomenon deciphered by a Committed Worker in Mannar Island

Jeremy Liyanage

Hi Michael,  Thanks for asking these important questions. I live with some frustration over what the mainstream media reports and what my almost daily research of the Covid phenomenon world-wide since March 2020 is telling me.

For us in Mannar, our experience tells us that the Covid ‘crisis’ is a real case of smoke and mirrors here in Sri Lanka. There is little accuracy regarding anything Covid-relatedof because the data is significantly corrupted or not kept at all. As for us it is good to have a grounded vantage point here in Mannar with ‘whistle-blowers’ within the system who report what is really going on and the fudging of figures. Directives from higher up to report many non-Covid related deaths as Covid ones also skewes the numbers. Also at the Mannar hospital all pneumonia and influenza cases – which historically are considerable in number – are now classified as Covid.

In addition, no one in Sri Lanka really knows the number of amplifications set for the rt-PCR test (which should not be over 28 otherwise it results in significant numbers of false positives. Even the inventor of the rt-PCR test said it could not be used to detect disease or viruses so is not fit-for-purpose, thus falsely inflating Covid-positive numbers). In most countries the test is set at 35 or more amplifications, hence bloated Covid numbers. In fact, if you go back to the beginning, the Covid-19 virus’ genomic sequence has never been isolated and identified in a lab, contrary to what the Chinese tell us. Any info to the contrary is a fib.
What happens to the Covid positive cases is also a farce. They are shunted off to our Covid quarantine centre. Again we have whistle-blowers there. People stay for 14 and now 10 days, are not given any medication. Many are asymptomatic. A few with flu symptoms are issued vitamin C, do their time and then released. And this is the killer disease?
The only accurate way to determine the impact of Covid is to refer to the annual  ‘all cause morbidity’ figures and this is applicable to Sri Lanka or in fact any part of the world. We should therefore expect a spike in numbers of deaths in 2020 at the height of the so-called ‘pandemic’ but when ‘all cause morbidity’ figures are compared year to year in almost all jurisdictions, there is no increase. In fact, the number of deaths in Sri Lanka, like in most other places, decreased. How can this be?  I remember last August looking at annual causes of death stats for Sri Lanka. Covid was listed as number 13 and pneumonia/flu was at number 8.
Pneumonia and influenza (air-born conditions), cancer, coronary disease, etc are all leading causes of death but why wasn’t the country locked down for these? Throughout history lockdowns have never worked. In fact they exacerbate a prevailing negative situation and fly contrary to the basic tenets of Immunology 101 – to strengthen the immune system one needs to be outdoors, enjoying plenty of sunshine (the world is vitamin D deficient and this is essential for a strong immune system), fresh air and exercise. These were denied. The lockdown created a pandemic of fear, isolation, bankruptcy, suicide and the collapse of education, economics, religious practice, any type of assembly, livelihood. Briefly on mask-wearing – scores of peer-reviewed articles in credible journals point to the dangers of mask-wearing especially for those whose brains are still developing (0 to 25 year olds). There is an expected rise in dementia in people in their thirties if mask-wearing continues in the young as it denies the growing brain of oxygen.
Currently the worst predicament is that people are having massive adverse reactions not to so-called Covid but to the Covid mRNA vaccines of which the American ones are the worst culprits. They are in fact lethal weapons. Just take our small staff team – our manager and his wife who are healthy, middle aged and have two young girls just lost their baby – 20 months pregnant – some days after she got the vaccine. Yesterday another staff member’s wife at a similar age lost her 8 week foetus after getting two doses of the Pyizer jab. In another case, the girlfriend of one of our staff in his early twenties had 3 periods in one month after getting the jab. Another of the young people we support, an otherwise very healthy football player, has been sick for weeks after taking the Pfizer shot.
We are aware of many, many, many deaths of local people from 17 years of age, to those in their early twenties, mid thirties and older who have died one to fourteen days after taking the jab in Mannar. These figures are NOT registered as vaccine-related deaths but Covid deaths. To my knowledge NO vaccine adverse reaction data is kept in Sri Lanka. Despite the significant shortcomings of the US VAERS system (Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System), recently it clocked up over a million severe adverse reactions including death, permanent disability and myocarditis (particularly in young male healthy teens). The mRNA is an untried, untested technology. (Remember that traditionally it took about 10 years to develop and properly test a vaccine. This lot was produced at warp speed in a few months!) Even one of the leading figures in the invention of mRNA technology has come out to oppose its general administration. Do you know that the Pfizer CEO himself remains unvaccinated? Why? Across the world it is the double and triple vaxxed cohort that are now getting and spreading Covid. Go figure! Just look at the debacle in Israel with most of its population quadruple vaxxed and still dying and spreading!
I could go on and on but should stop here. We need to ask serious, rational and science-based questions about every aspect of the official Covid narrative and not be overwhelmed by fear and acquiesce to government pronouncements (can they ever be trusted?). The mainstream media and social media platforms have been coopted and act as echo-chambers for the elite like Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and one must not forget Klaus Schwabs and his World Economic Forum’s The Great Reset.The latter will start to provide an explanation of why the Covid plandemic had to be operationalised. Why aren’t intelligent people connecting the dots?
Remember that the CIA introduced the term, ‘conspiracy theory’ to curb dissent over the assassination of John F Kennedy. The term is now used widely by the mainstream media for similar purpose.
My main agenda now is how to protect Mannar’s young people from the adverse effects of mainstream media propaganda and the untested, emergency use only, unsafe vaccines that are mandatory for any travel, education, work and indeed, life.
Thanks, Jeremy
PS Omicron (anagram = ‘moronic’) is a non-event. It is very mild and useful to strengthen our natural God-given immune system.
** Jeremy Liyanage was/is responding to this circular I sent to Friends , Janaury 2022
IS the omicron variant less lethal than the Delta etc …. as indicated here in OZ. ……………. Michael


Jeremy Liyanage was born in Kandy, but migrated to Australia with his parents as a young boy. With footholds in Melbourne as wellas Brisbane he was a founding e member of a  social welfare body Building Bridges which focused on Mannar Island.  With Siri Hettige of Colombo University I visited Mannar circa 2010 to observe this organisation working in cooperation with the Urban Council on improvement in delivwry of services. Since then I have kept tabs on some of their work and, a few years aback, I drove with Jeremy via Negombo-Chilaw and through Wilpattu Jungle to Arippu and Mannar. On this occasionthe focus was on the sustenance of the kulam in the island; but I also surveyed other aspects of island life.

Significantly Jeremy Liyanage has been continuing his welfare activities in Mannar over the last 24 months. This sturdy foundation is one reason why I asked himto report on the Covid situation in his locality and in the island.


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  1. Chandra Maliyadde

    I have met Jeremy Liyanage when I was in Office for Unity and Reconciliation. Jeremy, you were introduced to me by Danesh Casie Chetty. I agree with your comments. Covid 19 has affected people irrespective of person’s nationality, caste, religion or race.But our Government which makes first in everything has managed to introduce that element to world wide Pandemic.

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