“Just Yesterday” … 9/11 was JUST YESTERDAY

“Just Yesterday” … said several fireman from the New York Fire services when interviewed recently … …  as revealed in the Channel Nine film on 9/11 last Sunday, where remarkable footage by the Frenchmen Jules and Gideon Naudet was shown as they filmed the firemen in the foyer of the World Trade Centre and its environs.

Since this tragedy occurred in the BIG APPLE and in Big America, it is, of course, BIG NEWS …. and may well overshadow the scenes on 26 December 2004

 along the coast of Acheh…..

 … and Arugam Bay and Kalmunai inSri Lanka

 …. and Phi Phi and Phuket inThailand.

The world scale in media power is determined by the world scale of super power……So we must be thankful for AL- JAZEERA

ALSO SEE http://www.flixxy.com/japanese-tsunami-viewed-from-a-car.htm

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