Ironies surrounding Osama’s Execution

Michael Roberts, 5 May 2011

 I present these ironies and paradoxes as a n inspiration for reflection in disjointed point form.

A. The code name for Oasma bin Laden in the secret commando operation was “Geronimo.”[1] For the uninitiated let me note hat this was the name of the famous Apache leader who resisted White American expansion into Apache territory in the grand historical process that saw the White imperial forces “taming the West” [the west of USA], a step in the grander process that completed the founding of USA. The thought that the killing of the Al-Qaida leader is a part of another grander process across the whole world in recent times immediately arises. Is does suggest a clash of civilisations that has elements of repetition. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.

  Navy Seals in training


B. After the killing operation had been given the go-ahead over the weekend by the key personnel in USA, the CIA director, Leon Panetta, went to church on the Sunday morning.[2] We can be certain that Osama bin Laden had facedMecca and said his prayer s on Friday and it is probable that he faced Allah in prayer every day. This is common in violent conflict and warfare throughout world history. Protagonists call on their deities to gird their loins and oversee their projects.

[1] See Haynes & Hussain, “World-beating technology followed failure in Tehran,” Australian, 5 May 2011, p. 12.

[2] Gorman et al, “Gut instinct took US to mystery compound,” Wall Street Journal as reproduced in Australian, 4 May 2011, p. 12.

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